Lost the FREEDOM in your business?


We can help you gain it back again. Imagine appreciating your vacations, being able to take days off and TRUST your company is still running smoothly while you are away.


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Lost the JOY in your business?


We can help you love your business again. Imagine being able to focus on the things you feel passionate about in your business and being FREE from day-to-day tasks that keep getting in your way.


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Lost the MOTIVATION in your team?


Count on us to get your team on track and working more efficiently than ever. Don’t have a team, or missing a team member? We can offer you a complete Virtual Assistant team at your disposal.


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Lost CONTROL of your projects?


We can help get your project on schedule again. We excel at organization and project management. We will stay on top of all your daily tasks to make sure you never miss a deadline again. We also can help your future launches be even more successful than you ever planned.


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Lost the ORGANIZATION of your business?


We can turn the chaos in your business into order. Count on us to find and manage the systems you and your business need to run smoothly. We also can document your processes to maintain quality and consistency in your business.


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We Offer

Project Management

Count on us to track and get those projects done for you ON TIME! We can work with your team or we offer a FULL Virtual Assistant team to support you and your business.

Full Analytics

We can track progress on your social media, sales, newsletter and website metrics and provide you detailed reports on a monthly basis.

Launch Management

We can build complete sales funnels and campaigns in Infusionsoft, 1 Shopping Cart, Awber, Active Campaign and Otraport. We also assist with all tracking reports to let you know what is and is NOT working.

Operations and Systems Management

We can give you a review of the key systems needed to run a business, including customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up and delivery and guide you through creating processes, tools and players for key systems within your business.

Revenue Stream & JV Management

We can help you find new revenue streams, re-purpose your current products and information and help create new products to sell. Plus, we set up and maintain membership sites.

Team Management

We can help review all of your team members and make sure everyone is wearing the right hat. We can also help you plan on new hires, help with the pre-interviewing to sort through the applicants, and keep track of contractor vacations and time off. We’re even experienced with assisting in the firing or disciplining of employees.

Speaker Management

We can help you prepare Speaking Kits as well as review speaking requests. We can also manage all speaker documentation and organize travel documents.

Affiliate Management

We can set up a full affiliate program as well as set up a resource page for your affiliates so they have what they need when they need it to promote your products/programs.

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There’s just no need

for you to do it all…

We’re not here to promise you the world. We’re here to support you in a way that will truly make a difference in your business and your life. We believe that having the time to create while everything else runs smoothly is the NUMBER ONE thing you need in order to make the transition from being good in business to being freaking outstanding!


Hiring us means:

  • Taking your business to a whole new level in every possible sense
  • Making more money than you ever thought possible
  • Only doing what you love doing
  • Living the life of your dreams

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Very reliable, conscientious and on the ball.

They turn work around immediately and have an internal system that makes the workflow seamless, while integrating into my way of doing things and working within my systems.

They maintain my websites and backups, do all my social media scheduling, create all my publications that broadcast weekly, create my sales and other marketing pages, maintain my subscriber lists, maintain my SOP (manual) and work on other projects as needed.

Their strength that I rely on is their technical skills.

Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT

Amazing in so many ways!

I’m a creative transformation coach and before working with this team I was wasting all of my time trying to figure out how to connect all the techy systems for my launch! Valerie made my sales page, connected all my email marketing, hooked up my webinars and even wrote my emails for my launch! So I could focus on what I needed to focus on — CREATING! Seriously, I totally recommend these guys for your next project.

Jen MacFarlane


Valerie quickly updated my website design into the 21st century.

Valerie quickly updated my website design into the 21st century. My website looks AMAZING, I simply can’t thank Valerie enough!!! The process was incredibly smooth for me, though I know Valerie encountered and handled several bumps during the process. First, Valerie demonstrated through a screen share, walking me though the new WordPress DIVI website templates work, and patiently explained to me the benefits of using the new system (e.g., mobile-friendly), all the while explaining where my website could be improved by updating the template and shifting around my content to better attract website viewers. Once we began with the website update, Valerie didn’t let me sweat any details and truly gave me the VIP red carpet treatment throughout this process. She talked me through the items that did require my input or at least FYI. For example, did I know that my “SEO wasn’t set up, nor were the analytics for Google”? Nope, but that was short-lived because Valerie handled it, in addition to running a keyword scan for me. SEO is so important for search engine effectiveness but I hadn’t a clue how to implement it – and up until I met Valerie – I’d simply been going without. When GoDaddy logistics got sticky and didn’t allow a Database move to my new website, again Valerie proactively took the lead by live chatting with them…and calling them…AND not taking no for an answer. When working with Valerie, I had a true advocate on my side, doing everything in her power to make myself, my website & my business first-class. That is priceless.

Nichole Santoro, Content Marketing Manager,
Podcast Host and Owner of iMarketingSalon, LLC

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